Hosting Foundry Virtual Tabletop in Azure

Tabletop games are booming again, but in a hybrid world we’re forced to innovate. How can we take our traditional Dungeons & Dragons game online? Let’s take a look at hosting Foundry Virtual Tabletop to roll dice in Azure!

Custom Bindings for Azure Functions

Have you ever wanted to wrap your integration logic in a custom binding for Azure Functions for use in any language? Let’s take a look at how to post a message to Discord by writing and registering a binding extension, and using it from Azure Functions examples in C# and PowerShell.

Durable Azure Functions with PowerShell

Building Durable Azure Functions allows us to orchestrate workflows using only code in a reliable way that previously was only available in other services such as Logic Apps. Let’s take a look at how they work, and when they best fit our needs.

Exploring Azure Logic Apps (Preview)

Microsoft Ignite 2020 is currently on it’s first day and Logic Apps just got a new version in Public Preview that shares the runtime with Azure Functions, letting you run them anywhere, and there’s a new VS Code extension that lets you debug them locally. I just had to dive in and have a look!