OAuth 2.0 Fundamentals for Azure APIs

This is the post that I wish I had read when I started working with Azure. Let’s build a common understanding on how OAuth 2.0 works in the context of Azure, and how we can use different auth flows to get tokens and start using the many Azure APIs.

Azure Blob Storage API with OAuth 2.0

SDKs, tools and re-usable modules are great, but nothing beats knowledge. Once in a while I decide to take a stab at one of the Azure APIs to learn more about the underlying structure of the service, and to see if it’s more efficient than using what’s already out there. In this post we’re exploring how the REST API of the Azure Blob Storage works with Azure AD Authentication and OAuth in PowerShell.

Custom Bindings for Azure Functions

Have you ever wanted to wrap your integration logic in a custom binding for Azure Functions for use in any language? Let’s take a look at how to post a message to Discord by writing and registering a binding extension, and using it from Azure Functions examples in C# and PowerShell.

Azure Service Bus with PowerShell

Once in a while you encounter a service you’d like to integrate with where there is no API, or official PowerShell module that suits your purpose. This happened to me recently, so let’s take a look at how Azure Service Bus can help us, and how to integrate with it using PowerShell.

Microsoft Graph API with PowerShell

More than once I’ve been in a situation where I’m writing an Azure Function app and I’m interested in data from other parts of Azure, such as Azure AD. Sometimes the Az modules aren’t enough, so how can we get more data?